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Have you ever dreamed about launching and scaling a new startup, with the potential to generate a positive impact?

Rather than starting your venture alone, we can provide you with resources, talent, cumulative experience of serial entrepreneurs and funding for your project. This while holding a majority stake since day 1.

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Zubi Labs is an Impact Venture Builder. We bring together talent and investment to provide solutions to social and environmental challenges in order to build a better future. 

At Zubi Labs we create and finance companies that seek to generate a positive impact. 
We see companies as an instrument to create social, environmental and economic value.

From our entrepreneurial experience, we identify challenges, seek the best talent and form committed entrepreneurial teams that work united by a mission: solving challenges to create a better future.

We are looking for entrepreneurs passionate about impact and sustainability to join our Program of Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR).

25k€ during 3 to 6 months

During the first 3 to 6 months you will receive initial funding (up to 25K€ per opportunity) to analyse the market and develop the business model for the new venture. By the end of this validation phase we will have helped you presented a prototype, launched some marketing and/or commercial campaign and you will have signed initial customers.

€300k + public funding

In the pre-seed phase we will incorporate the company together and found you with 300k€. We will help you double this amount with public funding and some convertible notes. 

To take off while maintaining the majority of shares with your co-founding team, our internal shared teams will help you with marketing, finance, technology, people, legal, funding, etc.

As EiR you will have a year to validate your business model, have a functional MVP, some unit economics that make sense and a complete basic team.

€2M and still more equity

If metrics are on track, we will offer you to lead a 2M€ seed round with 700k€ and help you bring onboard other investors. You will as co-founders still have more equity than us 😉 
You will need to bring at least another professional investor onboard.

Growing better and faster together

Until reaching serie A, you will be able to count on our internal shared teams for you to focus on reaching and proving Product Market Fit.

One of our Managing Director (serial entrepreneur) will dedicate to your startup 20% of his/her time for you to grow better and faster since the start. On top of that you will be backed by our president and our CEO, 2 of the few Spanish entrepreneurs who reached NASDAQ previously.

You will also count in addition on a serie of perks valued in over 100k€ 
(servers, various SaaS, payment platforms, etc).

Which skills and experience do you need to have to join our program?

Nice to have:

Not convinced yet?

An opportunity to start a high-growth company with an experienced team with track record in creating, running and scaling up businesses

The 2000s were the digital change.

The 2010s were the entrepreneurial change.

The 2020s will be the social impact change.

We all work remotely from diverse regions in Spain and have offices in both Madrid and Valencia

Equity + salary 
from day one

With the support of Zubi Group, a social impact corporation with over 150 employees.

In our shared teams we have over 25 experts in finance, accounting, marketing, design, communication, product, tech, people, legal, public funding and business development.

You can also count on for help with Zubi Education, Zubi Cities and Zubi Capital.

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